Premium Dried Firewood or Bulk Green Wood:

10% Cash Discount on all orders $125 Delivery - within 20 miles (3 Cord minimum order) free Delivery on 10+ cord Orders Within 20 miles All parties agree that quantities are as is and final

Your Firewood Supplier:

Need 1 Cord or 250 Cords - We are on it so you don't have to be!

Reclaim your weekends and evenings.  No matter if it is a weekend Grab Bag for the s'mores at the campfire, or a 250 cord order for a ski-side rental property, we have you covered.  Even if you are a DIY chainsaw wielding ninja, our cost will surprise you.  Reclaim your weekends and reintroduce yourself to wife, family & friends.  Leave the firewood to us.

Only need a bundle, try out our self-serve “scout's honor” rack outside our main gate.  Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, $10 cash per Grab Bag, honor system – it’s your karma.  

Need a few cords for the fireplace you sly devil –  Try our dried full cord pallets, <20% moisture, dried and seasoned to perfection.  It is a true game changer, lites with no effort and burns as clean as your Sunday shirt.  Sit back and watch your fireplace romance ignite.  We can load your truck or bring it to your love nest.  (P.S. Don’t forget the wine).    

Ok, need a chair at the big kid's table? We can process up to 50 cords per day, so no order is too big.   We normally have 500 cords on tap, and another 500 in the oven, so bring your appetite.  Green or Dried - you dicide.   We have various delivery options and methods, come on down and tell us where you want it and when.  Box checked – done!           Thank you for patronage!

Goldilocks is a Fan!! Name the size and we have you covered.

 Not looking to be a lumberjack? “Hey man, I just want some firewood” – dude we feel you.  

Or maybe red flannel and chainsaws are your thing.  Impress your friends with timeless knowledge – let’s talk cords (no, not like rope, like 128 cubic feet of glorious Montana firewood, baby).  Wow friends and family with timeless firewood lingo, heck we will even toss in a little sawdust to rub behind your ears to give you 'street cred'.  Don’t be bashful, go ahead, claim that nicely split cord as an afternoon you communed with Mother Nature. We won’t tell, grab five or ten and take the winter off.        Thank you for patronage!

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