FORESTRY Management

Soft Footprint in Your Forest - speak softly and bring the right equipment


Top Photo: Rubber Tire Harvester

 Lower Left Photo:  Forest Mulcher 

Lower Right Photo: Rubber Tired Forwarder

Forest Management: thinning stands for health, removal of fuel under story and overall best management practices lead to health vibrant forest land  

Forest Mulching


Wildfire Mitigation - Removal of the fuel that leads to wildfire and forest fire.  Too often a good idea that will have to wait for "next year".  Don't be caught waiting for "next year" when your site finds itself on the front line.  

Forest Thinning & Cultivating


Forest tree stands need management, it is just that simple.  Fire is Mother Natures method and is very non-selective and harsh.  Selective thinning, pruning and under-fuel mitigation are better methods.  Call today, next year may be too late, it is never to early for a good idea. 

 Opening up building sites, driveways, and views lines.  All are within reach, simply give us a call.

This video showcases a project 24-months later.  The benefits speak for themselves.


Project Scope: Thinning of tree population to 25’ spacing, up-limb leave trees to 15’ heights, masticate all undergrowth >2” and broadcast a low-grow fine fescue 5-way seed mix and 2# of 14-14-14 starter fertilizer for slope stabilization.  

(Rabbit Ears Pass Steamboat Springs, Colorado)

The greatest benefit of Forestry Mulching (Forestry Mastication) is that you are leaving the biomass on property improving the soil organic matter. No slash piles or burn pits involved in this process. Approved and often used by the National Forest Service & BLM Managers.

Land Survey & Lot Development


Drone Fly-Overs

Having trouble seeing the ‘bird’s eye view’?   Let us bring in a drone.  We can map the site, check elevations and in general provide you a starting point.  All before one machine arrives on property. 


GPS Mapping

Eliminate the need for the client to get bearings behind ridgelines or dense forest.  Open up sight lines and view sheds before the clientele loses interest or moves on to the next property.


Landowner - Seller - Buyer - Developer

No matter what side of the deal you find yourself, or even if there is no deal in the works.  The advantage of mapping your property will be worth a thousand words …. a picture can close the deal or just be filed for future use.